Special Package Prices

Save significant money by taking advantage of our Special Package Prices for coaches and athletic directors!

Starter Package - $99.95 (Save $20)

Our Starter Package is ideal for the coach who is looking for a solid foundation of practical and proven strategies for developing team leaders, building team culture, creating a winning mindset, and developing responsible athletes. Save $20 on four of our best-selling resources.




The Starter Package includes:

     •  The Team Captain's Leadership Manual            •  How to Build and Sustain a Championship Culture

     •  What It Takes to Win Championships                 •  The Athlete's Responsibility Manual

I’ve been in the business for over 30 years and there are a lot of different programs I’ve seen. What the Janssen Sports Leadership Center does is the best out there. It builds on itself. It is not a one-time seminar. You will see a change in student-athletes in terms of leadership on the field, in the classroom, and everywhere else.” Jeff Long, Kansas Athletic Director




Standard Package - $199.95 (Save $40)

The Standard Package includes eight of Jeff Janssen's most popular resources to help you know exactly how to motivate each of your athletes, build a championship culture, develop your leaders, and build a highly cohesive and compelled team.

"As a coach you must understand the uniqueness of each individual. What buttons can you push? When can you push them? When do you have to back off? Each player responds very differently." Mary Wise, Florida Volleyball Coach

The Standard Package includes:

     •  The Team Captain's Leadership Manual        •  How to Build and Sustain a Championship Culture

     •  What It Takes to Win Championships             •  The Athlete's Responsibility Manual

     •  How to Develop Relentless Competitors        •  Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook

     •  Championship Team Building                         • Peak Performance Playbook





Deluxe Package - $299.95 (Save $60)

Get all 12 of our leadership, team building, mental training, and coaching resources with our Deluxe Package to fully implement our programming and take your team to a championship level.


The Deluxe Package includes:

     •  The Team Captain's Leadership Manual              •  Build and Sustain a Championship Culture

     •  Championship Team Building                               •  Peak Performance Playbook

     •  How to Develop Relentless Competitors              •  Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook

     •  The Athlete's Responsiblity Manual                      •  The Teammate's Accountability Manual

     •  The Athlete's Commitment Manual                       •  The Team Captain's Culture Manual

     •  How to Hold People Accountable Manual             •  What It Takes to Win Championships



Sports Leadership Development Series $149.95 (Save $30)

Our popular Sports Leadership Development Series provides athletes, coaches, and athletic administrators with a practical, progressive, and proven sports leadership development training program that spans a student-athlete’s entire career from freshman orientation all the way through to senior graduation.

The comprehensive and cutting edge curriculum targets college and high school student-athletes at their specific level of leadership development. The series starts with teaching the critical self leadership skills of responsibility (Level 1), accountability (Level 2), and commitment (Level 3) and then progresses on to the more advanced skills of effective team leadership (Level 4), building a championship culture (Level 5), and holding teammates accountable (Level 6).



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Team Building Package - $49.95 (Save $5)

Our Team Building Package combines the Championship Team Building book with the Peak Performance Playbook and includes 88 different team building activities you can use to build a motivated, committed, and cohesive team.

"I loved Championship Team Building. It is obvious that Jeff has done a great deal of work on the subject of team building. This book outlines an effective, step by step process for building team chemistry. I'm sure it will help many, many coaches." Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Men's Basketball Coach, 4-time National Champions




Competitor's Package - $49.95 (Save $10)

Our Competitors Package combines the How to Develop Relentless Competiitors book with the Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook so you can create your own Competitive Cauldron. 

"Jeff has put together a really well thought out and unique reference tool that will certainly have a place on my shelf. It's the kind of book a coach can crack open many times over the years to get different ideas for different situations. It's almost like having a consultant on staff." Brenda Frese, Maryland Women's Basketball Coach





Athletic Director Packages

Buy in bulk and save big! Our AD's Packages are specially designed for college and high school athletic directors who want to develop their coaches and athletes and save significant money. Save 33% off our regular prices when you buy in groups of 10 with our AD's Packages.


AD's Team Captains Package of 10 - $199.95 (Save $100)

Develop your next generation of student-athlete leaders at your school with 10 copies of our best-selling Team Captain's Leadership Manual. Use the book to create your own Captains' Club and develop better leaders on and off the playing fields.




AD's Coaches Package of 10 - $199.95 (Save $100)

Develop your coaching staff with 10 copies of our Seven Secrets of Successful Coaches book. Makes a great professional development resource and selection for a Coaches Book Club.



AD's Team Building Package of 10 - $199.95 (Save $100)

Help your coaches build a a motivated, committed, and cohesive team with 10 copies of our Championship Team Building book.




AD's Competitor Package of 10 - $199.95 (Save $100)

Help your coaches develop their athletes into focused and fierce Competitors with 10 copies of our How to Develop Relentless Competitors book.




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