Teammate’s Accountability Manual

Need your athletes to be more accountable to you and their teammates?


Wish your athletes would step up and take more ownership of their training and team?


Want your athletes to produce results rather than excuses?


As Level 2 in our Sports Leadership Development Series, this Manual provides a practical, six-week Accountability Training System to teach and train your athletes how to be fully accountable for themselves and to each other. While everyone else is preaching accountability, you will teach it to your athletes through this effective and easy-to-implement program!

Like our popular Team Captain’s Leadership Manual, the practical, six-module Accountability Training Program is written in the same bite-sized, interactive, athlete-friendly format. It can be easily implemented with your entire team over the course of six modules.

Your athletes will learn, practice, and master the 6 Attitudes and Actions of Accountable Teammates including:

1. Own Your Responsibilities and Role

2. Recognize and Respect Your Ripple Effect

3. Consider the Consequences Before You Act

4. Eliminate Excuses

5. Have Your Teammate’s Back

6. Keep Your Commitments and Deliver Results


By adopting these six critical attitudes and actions, your athletes will demonstrate the accountability necessary for high-level success on and off the playing fields – and throughout the game of life.


“The first challenge in constructing a Championship Culture is to make sure everyone is accountable. Jeff’s extraordinary Teammate’s Accountability Manual provides you with a practical system to teach your athletes how to be completely accountable to each other.”

ANSON DORRANCE, North Carolina Women's Soccer Coach, 22-time National Champions

“Not only did I grow up as an athlete but also as a person through Jeff’s Leadership Academy. Lessons I learned from Jeff not only made me a better leader on the field but helped prepare me for the corporate world. I cannot describe how thankful I am for my experience with Jeff and I continue to look to him as a mentor.”

KARA CANNIZZARO, Women's Lacrosse National Player of the Year

“Jeff Janssen's Teammate's Accountability Manual gives coaches a great game plan to develop accountable athletes for their team and their future success in life.”

JILL WILSON, Ohio State Assistant Volleyball Coach

"The Teammate's Accountability Manual is another in a long line of great resources from Jeff Janssen. Whether you are a coach that wants to grow the accountability in your program or an athlete that wants to make strides in your own personal accountability, this guide has something for you. I'm looking forward to using the Accountability Manual with my team!"

JONATHAN CROSSLAND, Guelph Women's Soccer Coach

"Jeff Janssen's Teammate's Accountability Manual is a powerful resource to define and apply practical steps to successfully implement accountability on all your teams."

CHAD BICKLEY, Sante Fe Christian Leadership Academy Director


$29.95 for 1-4 copies, $24.95 for 5-9 copies, $19.95 for 10 or more copies

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