Mission and 10 Core Values

We develop student-athletes and coaches into world-class leaders who are committed to a lifetime of service, success, and significance.


As the world-wide leader in sports leadership development, we work with college and high schools to help develop their student-athletes and coaches into world-class leaders.



Our 10 Core Values

These 10 critical core values guide our actions each and every day in our work with student-athletes, coaches, and administrators.

We help coaches and athletic administrators develop their next generation of student-athlete leaders.

1. Passionate

We passionately believe in the power of leadership and lead our programs with a contagious energy and enthusiasm.

2. Fun and Interactive

We create a fun and interactive learning environment with engaging experiential activities and captivating stories that inspire people to take action.

3. Caring

We truly care about the people we are privileged to work with and willingly do the little things to show we care.

4. Can Relate and Connect

We can relate to and connect with today's college and high school student-athletes and coaches and fully understand their unique challenges and goals.

5. Practical and Proven

We provide practical and proven strategies that can be implemented as soon as today's practice as well as throughout a lifetime.

6. Results-Focused

We pride ourselves in producing real results with our programming and a measurable return on investment.

7. Credible and Competent

We are credible and experienced experts who have been in the trenches and know what it takes to be successful.

8. Cutting Edge

We continually look to innovate and improve our programs and resources so that we can always stay on the cutting edge of leadership development.

9. Easy to Work With

We are easy to work with and always look to go the extra mile to better serve our student-athletes, coaches, and administrators.

10. Perspective

While winning is very important to us and those with whom we work, we also believe the skills we teach should also be applied in the classroom, on campus, in the community, and in the game of life.







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