Leadership Summit

Looking to develop your athletes into world-class leaders both on and off the playing fields?

Our highly engaging and interactive Leadership Summit teaches your athletes the sports leadership skills and strategies necessary to be strong and effective leaders for your team. Based on our work with over 30 National Championship teams at Stanford, Michigan, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Arizona, and several others across the nation, your athletes will learn what it takes to effectively lead themselves and their teammates to championships.

The 75-minute Leadership Summit is an inspiring and interactive workshop designed for the emerging and existing student-athlete leaders at the college, high school, or club level. The program also includes a dedicated 75-minute workshop for coaches on how best to develop, select, and partner with team captains and leaders.

The Leadership Summit makes a great way to kick off a new school year and/or sport season. Further, you can reinforce and extend the lessons from the Leadership Summit through our Team Captain's Leadership Manual and provide your leaders with ongoing leadership development throughout the year.


- become an effective Leader by Example and Vocal Leader

- inspire teammates to work hard, overcome obstacles, and stay focused

- lead your team effectively under pressure, adversity, and stress

- pinpoint their specific sports leadership strengths and areas to improve

- become an effective leader that coaches respect and teammates trust


"I can clearly see the impact of this leadership program on our leaders on and off the field."

ANSON DORRANCE, North Carolina Women's Soccer Coach, 21-time National Champions

"Lessons I learned from this program not only made me a better leader on the field but also helped prepare me for the corporate world."

KARA CANNIZARRO, Women's Lacrosse National Player of the Year, National Champion

"This innovative program has had a tremendous impact on our student-athletes. I've been in the business for 30 years and what the Janssen Sports Leadership Center does is the best program out there. You will see a change in student-athletes in terms of leadesrship on the field, in the classroom, and everywhere esle."

JEFF LONG, Inaugural College Football Playoff Selection Committee Chairperson




"The workshop really opened my eyes about what leadership is supposed to be like on your team, in the classroom, and anywhere else. I thought that this was the best workshop."

"Very insightful. Very high tempo and exciting to listen to. I used the examples to evaluate my strengths and weaknesses as a leader and person in general. It was great!"

"Being a sophomore, this was a very helpful workshop for me that gave me a better understanding of what it means to be a leader and ideas for being a future captain."

"I loved everything about the program! It was incredible! It was immensely helpful and I feel we will all benefit because of it."


To learn more about hosting a Leadership Summit for your school or club team, contact Julie Ammary today at [email protected] or 484-515-2442.

As a former Division I softball player, Julie Ammary is now the Director of the Lehigh Athletics Leadership Academy. Julie has conducted numerous Leadership Summits for high schools, club teams, and colleges across the country. Here's what people say about the results they get when working with Julie.

"Just wanted to thank you for the workshop with my girls basketball team. It really was a huge success and very helpful for our girls. I have been trying to reinforce the issues Julie talked about with the team every day. I think the two issues Julie pointed out as our weakest have really opened up some eyes on the team, and in fact, to help with the complimentary roles issues, one of our captains held a sleepover this weekend to talk about everyone’s importance to the team and to help continue with team chemistry. Thanks again!"  Matt Neidigk, Concordia Lutheran High School (TX)

“Julie did a great job in her presentation of blending her own experiences as a student-athlete with a broader model for developing team captains as team leaders.  Her stories kept us engaged and the framework she used allowed us to envision our own teams and athletes in our discussion.  We’ve talked for a long time about how to make our captains more effective; Julie’s presentation has really given our coaches the tools they need to do that work on a daily basis.” Abe Wehmiller, Athletic Director, Lakeside School (WA)

"Our football program has benefited significantly from our interaction with Julie Ammary and the Leadership program which she directs at Lehigh. I have seen the leadership on our team improve each year and it has made a positive impact on the culture of our football program." Andy Coen, Lehigh Football Coach

"The Lehigh Athletics Leadership Academy is the highest rated student-athlete program offered to our athletes as documented by our senior athlete exit interview survey. It is valued by students in terms of developing their own leadership style and enhancing their team culture to accomplish their goals. Julie's approach is engaging, dynamic, and effective as noted by our students and coaches. There is an exciting "buzz" in our department about the program." Karen Adams, Lehigh Senior Associate Director of Athletics


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