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The Janssen Sports Leadership Center offers coaches, athletes, and athletic administrators a variety of resources on leadership, building a championship culture, team building, mental toughness, and coaching. Here's an overview of all our resources.


The Team Captain's Leadership Manual

Over 50,000 leaders across the world have used the practical Team Captain's Leadership Manual to become more responsible and respected leaders. The Captain's Manual includes an easy to follow 10-module leadership development program. Your emerging and established leaders will learn how to become more vocal, hold their teammates accountable, manage team conflict, and set the tone for your program on and off the court/field/track/etc. $29.95 for a single copy, $24.95 each for 5-9 copies, and only $19.95 each for 10 or more



How to Build and Sustain a Championship Culture

Based on Jeff's work with over 25 National Championship teams at top schools like Stanford, Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, and Arkansas, discover the six key components that all Championship Cultures have in common. You'll also get a detailed 10-Step Championship Culture Blueprint to help you build and sustain a Championship Culture in your program. $29.95 for a single copy, and only $24.95 each for 10 or more



Championship Team Building

This groundbreaking book details dozens of proven strategies to help you develop great team chemistry. Discover the Seven "C's" of Championship Team Building and solve the problems that could distract, divide, and destroy your team. Includes 38 team building activities. $29.95



Peak Performance Playbook

This playbook details 50 effective, economical, and easy to use mental game and team building drills for your team. Your athletes will absolutely love these activities and beg you for more - plus they will learn important team building and mental toughness insights and strategies along the way. The playbook comes complete with drill objectives, setup instructions, step by step directions, follow-up discussion questions, and master handouts. $24.95



How to Develop Relentless Competitors

Looking to transform your passive, wimpy, and entitled athletes into focused and fierce Competitors? Learn the inside strategies that sport's top coaches like Anson Dorrance, Pat Summitt, and Roy Williams use to train and develop their athletes into relentless Competitors. Discover how to create your own "Competitive Cauldron" to develop your athletes into fierce and focused Competitors. $29.95



Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook

The Develop Relentless Competitors Drillbook includes 75 drills that coaches can use to develop and enhance their athletes competitiveness. Use these drills and activities to create your own "Competitive Cauldron" that will transform your athletes into fierce competitors. $29.95



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