Create Your Own Leadership Library at a Rock-Bottom Price

Love to have your own Leadership Library?

We are offering packages of 25 of the best-selling books on leadership, coaching, culture, team building, sport psychology, and motivation from my personal library for only $99! (plus shipping) This is a fantastic and highly economical way to start or enhance your Leadership Library either for yourself, your coaching staff, or entire athletic department. At only $4 a book, many of which retailed between $19.95 to $24.95, you really can't go wrong!

With two kids now in college, we are downsizing and looking to find a great home for the 100's of sensational books I have found great value in reading and studying through the years. As much as it pains me to give them up, we just won't have the space for all of the hundreds of great books I currently have in my library.

Obviously, we only have a limited number of books so they will go on a first come, first served basis. While it is too difficult to list the hundreds of titles and have people select them individually, each package of 25 contains a variety of popular and best-selling books on leadership, coaching, culture, team building, motivation, sport psychology, etc. - all the great resources I have benefited from during my consulting career and researching and writing my books. (Some are even already dog-eared and highlighted for you with the passages most applicable to coaches and athletes.) So this is a quick, easy, and highly economical way to create or enhance your Leadership Library! (Offer applies for U.S. orders and shipping only.)

Hurry, grab your 25-Pack(s) and build your Leadership Library for yourself or your fellow coaches at a mere fraction of the cost before they are all gone!

Leadership Library 25-Pack for Only $99


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