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What Every Coach Needs to Know to Build a Motivated, Committed & Cohesive Team

This groundbreaking book details dozens of proven strategies to help you develop great team chemistry. Discover the Seven "C's" of Championship Team Building and solve the problems that could distract, divide, and destroy your team. Includes 38 team building activities. 190 pages, $29.95


"If you want to build a championship team, read this book!" Mike Candrea, Arizona Softball Coach, 8-time National Champions

"Because Jeff has worked with so many National Championship teams, he knows what it takes to build a maintain a winning program." Pat Summitt, Tennessee Women's Basketball Coach, 8-time National Champions

"Championship Team Building should be required reading for all coaches. Jeff has put together an effective and easy to use resource covering all the great team building work he has done with programs across the nation. It's the edge coaches need to build a winning program." Frank Busch, USA Swimming National Team Director

"I loved Championship Team Building. It is obvious that Jeff has done a great deal of work on the subject of team building. This book outlines an effective, step by step process for building team chemistry. I'm sure it will help many, many coaches." Mike Krzyzewski, Duke Men's Basketball Coach, 4-time National Champions

$29.95 for a single copy, $19.95 each for 10 or more copies (Save 33%)

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50 Drills, Activities & Ideas to Inspire Your Team, Build Mental Toughness & Improve Team Chemistry

This playbook details 50 effective, economical, and easy to use mental game and team building drills for your team. Your athletes will absolutely love these activities and beg you for more - plus they will learn important team building and mental toughness insights and strategies along the way. The playbook comes complete with drill objectives, setup instructions, step by step directions, follow-up discussion questions, and master handouts. 82 pages, $24.95

Sections include:

10 Team Building Activities

10 Mental Toughness Drills

5 Ideas for Pre-game Motivation

5 Drills to Sharpen Focus

5 Exercises to Build Confidence

5 Ideas for Enhancing Commitment

5 Strategies for Making Practices Fun

5 Postgame Evaluation Exercises





Save $5 when you purchase both the Championship Team Building book and Peak Performance Playbook together. You’ll get 88 team building ideas and a wealth of proven strategies for building a winning team. $49.95

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