Free Team Building Evaluation

Wonder how your team's chemistry is doing? This Team Building Evaluation from our Championship Team Building book is designed to help you analyze the strengths and areas of improvement for your team. Take a moment to rate the current status of your team's chemistry.


Please read each question and insert your numbered response according to the scale below.


1 = Strongly Disagree    2 = Disagree    3 = Agree    4 = Strongly Agree

Common Goal
1. The team has established a clear and compelling goal to pursue for the season
2. I am confident this team has the talent and ability to achieve the season goal
3. The standards and rules we have set for the team will help us achieve our goals
4. Everyone on the team is working toward the same team goal
5. The team has a strong work ethic, we have few athletes who slack off
6. The team often has athletes who come early to practices and stay late for extra work
7. The team's success is a high priority for most athletes
8. The team persists through most obstacles and adversities that come our way
Complementary Roles
9. Athletes on this team clearly understand the roles they need to play for team success
10. Coaches and athletes show appreciation for all of the roles on our team, including the subs
11. Most athletes on this team have accepted their roles and are willing to play them
12. Athletes on the team are willing to sacrifice their individual goals for the good of the team
13. Communication between the coaches and athletes is honest, clear and effective
14. Communication among athletes is honest, clear and effective
15. The team communicates well while we are competing
16. Coaches and athletes listen well to each other’s opinions and feelings
Constructive Conflict
17. This team does a good job of constructively addressing conflict when it arises
18. Athletes on the team generally can tolerate each other's minor differences
19. Team members respect each other and seldom talk about teammates behind their backs
20. Athletes on the team do not take personal conflicts on the field/court when they play
21. Athletes on the team like to hang out with each other outside of games and practices
22. Athletes on the team generally respect and trust each other
23. Athletes on this team stick up for each other when criticized from the outside
24. Athletes on this team help and take care of each other when teammates are struggling
Credible Coaching
25. The athletes believe in the coach(es) as a credible, competent and caring leader(s)
26. The coach(es) generally has a good feel for what is going on with our team
27. There is good, solid and positive leadership from the athletes/captains on this team
28. The coach(es) creates a positive and productive environment to help us reach our goals
Your Total (Click In Box for Final Total)


Team Building Evaluation Rating Scale

Total Score Rating Comments
98 - 112 Great Congratulations! Your team is functioning at a very high level.
84 - 97 Good Overall your team is doing well, a few improvements should help.
70 - 83 Okay While your team is okay, improving it should enhance your success (and satisfaction)
56 - 69 Poor Your team is struggling and you should invest some time to improve it.
42- 55 Terrible You've got some serious work to do to improve your team!
Below 42 Chaos Seriously consider finding another team (or another job).


Hopefully your team's chemistry is in the great range. However, if you have discovered some or several areas that need improvement, we encourage you to check out our book Championship Team Building or our Team Building Workshops and Retreats. They will provide you with several practical and proven strategies to build your team's chemistry.




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